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ACCELERATED RHYTHM Posted on 16 April 2014.

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The night is when the glowing, buzzing metropolis shines the brightest. It’s pulsating lights reflect the mobile obscurity of wet asphalt and its accelerated rhythm of his nervous steals crossing the city. He represents the dynamic and charming city dweller with a silhouette of product of overlying fine fabrics with the style of an ever-changing chameleon. With him, nothing is ever as it appears to be with his innate sense of style with an independence of though. This is the face of urban modernity with reversible garments and high quality leather. This is a new hybrid of redefining the aesthetic of modern luxury by associating the idea of functionality with the opulent value and exclusivity. It is the Salvatore Ferragamo man. Check to discover more of Salvatore Ferragamo Mens Collection.

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