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BEAUTY AND FIRE Posted on 29 April 2014.

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The Tiffany diamond is a beautiful mixture of beauty and fire that shines brightly in the distance. It catches your eye and you’re unable to look away from its vivid prism of colors. Tiers of rose-cut diamonds and plumes of pear-shaped stones shape elegant earrings undulate with the rhythm of an opulent ballroom dance. Other dramatic drop earrings with green and blue tourmalines embody the ocean’s mysterious depths; and opera-length necklaces of diamonds and sapphires evoke the boundless blue of the horizon. The Tiffany’s diamond heritage includes the rarest diamonds with their color saturation and intensity places them among the world’s most sought-after stones. The collection features pink and green diamonds blossoming in rings and earrings; and Tiffany yellow diamonds revealing all their natural brilliance in jewels that sparkle like sunlight dancing on the water.











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