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Caroline Baum for Designer Rugs Posted on 27 March 2013.

Writer Lindsay Christine

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“Since moving to the Illawarra coast in 2003 I’ve become a beachcomber… I’ve found a modest colony of unassuming creatures who… create intricate patterns in the sand.” These patterns were the focal point of Caroline Baum’s mollusk photography interpreted into a range of three hand knotted rugs of wool and silk.
Debuting at Designer Rugs, Baum collaborated with Senior Designer of Designer Rugs Lia Pielli to create “Sand Script”, Tibetan wool and silk knotted into a ‘digital colour map’ detailing the constellation sea snails marked in the sand while foraging for food.

Encouraged by designers such as Akira Isogawa, who commented, “The mollusc collection is as beautiful as nature itself,” Baum set to create fabric for her photographs. It was in 2011 that she created the range of silk chiffon scarves to highlight the abstract beauty of her Mollusc Collection. Now, in 2012, after patient collaborations, she debuts ‘Sand Script’ which includes ‘Red Ripple’, ‘Orange Tessellation,’ and ‘Black Map.’ Each rug can be custom sized and available at the Designer Rugs website.

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