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CHAPPELLI CYCLES Posted on 11 January 2015.

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Chappelli Cycles is an International Design Award winning bicycle manufacturer based in Sydney, Australia. Its bicycles are sold in Australia, Asia, the USA and Europe. Chappelli Cycles was started in 2010 by an Australia entrepreneur Tom Davies and English industrial designer Pablo Chappelli. Pablo earned his design stripes working as one of the original design team at Dyson before working as head of innovation at Breville. However, he always wanted to own his own bicycle company. The company was started with the simple aim of creating beautiful bicycles that the founders would be proud to ride around on. Their bicycles are now the bicycles of choice amongst architects, designers and stylists. The brand takes its name from Robert Chappell, Pablo’s father, who used to design and build his own single speed bicycle to race in the Tour de France trials in England. Since launching its first single-speed / fixed-gear bicycle model in 2010, Chappelli Cycles has designed women’s bicycles, multispeed bicycles and an infinitely geared bicycle called the Chappelli NuvinciTM.

In 2010 it was the first Australian bicycle manufacturer to produce chrome plated bicycles and in 2012 it launched Australia’s first glow-in-the-dark bicycle. In 2014 it launched a standardised version of its Award Winning NuVinci bicycle which is now sold internationally. In 2011 the company opened a franchise in Northern Europe to service Scandinavian and German markets, and in 2012 a franchise in France to service continental Europe. The company plans to launch in the USA and UK this year. Chappelli Cycles was awarded an Australian International Design Award for the Chappelli NuVinciTM bicycle. Designed in collaboration with US based Fallbrook Technologies the bicycle’s main feature was its continuously variable transmission, which allows for a seamless transition between gear changes. Chappelli Cycles also won the most popular design prize in the Australian wide Stolli Vodka Original Fund Design award for its 8-speed bicycle Chrome plated bicycle.

Chappelli Cycles has unveiled its 2015 summer collection, featuring a vintage- style fixie, full CrMo frames on all bicycles as standard, and upgraded top-end components for greater quality, style and comfort. Equipped with full 4130 chrome-moly (CrMo) steel frames and forks, and with double-butted tubes on all bicycles, Chappelli’s 2015 range offers the lightest and strongest bikes available at their price point. Its range of available frame sizes has also expanded to include 50cm and 61cm frames, ideal for people 155cm-164cm and over 184cm, respectively. The new sizes complement Chappelli’s existing 54cm and 58cm, and will be available across its full range of single-speed/fixie, three-speeds, NuVincis, and road bikes. New for 2015 is the vintage style fixie bike, based on the bicycles of the 1970s. The bikes feature classic retro details including crowned forks, box-style rims, gum-wall tyres and a vintage style saddle. The vintage fixies are available in four classic vintage style colours.

For more information, visit Chappelli Cycles’ official website

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