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HOW WE ROLL Posted on 04 December 2015.

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Without a doubt the most exciting product Hunter Products has imported into Australia, the ‘Moonwalker’ will let you roll into your next destination with effortless composure. A self-balancing technology platform that fits under your arm for portability, it is the first of its kind in Australia and the most affordable version of the device to date. Hunter Products’ model allows up to 20km of travel in a single use, with only a 2-3 hour charge time for a convenient recharge between appointments. The Moonwalker travels up to 12km/h, with LED driving lights and a 36V lithium battery. It can support up to 100kg and even manages a modest uphill incline of 15°. Arriving on our shores in time for Christmas, it’s the perfect gift for those seeking an alternative ride this summer.

Visit Hunter Products’ website for a closer look.


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