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Hyundai adds luxury to affordable prices with the Genesis Posted on 17 November 2015.

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Hyundai Genesis 2-1
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Hyundai are renowned for packaging luxury and prestige at affordable prices in their compact car range. But the newly released Genesis takes it to a new level no longer reserved for other makes. The Genesis is luxury with South Korean dreams stamped on it. Just the exterior of the car will make an aspirational client quiver in his Milan tailored suit. The Genesis offers a great list of features to make each journey a smoother and more enjoyable experience. The 17 speaker audio system alone will instil grown men with schoolboy excitement for a chance to test drive the inspirited comfort of the ride. There is blind-spot detection, as well as a 360 degree view offered by the vehicle’s camera. This enhances the driving experience while providing ultimate safety. Hyundai’s forward-thinking vision of luxury and safety extends outside the car. Mindful of globally aware clients, the Genesis is equipped with a system that controls carbon dioxide levels. The car also scored highest on the ANCAP crash-test rating thanks to the combination of nine air bags, as well as the standard departure warning and city-braking technology. Genesis is the fusion of good design and smart production that leans Hyundai into a higher priced market. This has not deterred Hyundai from proving that intricate design and good value complement each other. The car has been welcomed most successfully into the Australian market, outselling Hyundai’s rival Lexus. The Genesis comes from Hyundai’s new Prestige Design Division, which showcases Hyundai’s depth and vision of car understanding. The new Genesis will focus attention on the Korean, Chinese, North American and Middle Eastern markets before moving its success to Europe. Australia is lucky enough to experience the new Genesis today. So visit Hyundai’s official website to see how small car affordability and luxury is now a reality.

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