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LA SERRE: DUBAI’S TOUCH OF PARIS Posted on 11 February 2017.

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Downtown Dubai is filled with exquisite culinary experiences, but there’s nothing quite like the Parisian-style bistro and boulangerie, La Serre. Nestled between Burj Khalifa and Business Bay at Vida Downtown and enclosed within an opulent two-story glass façade lies a grandiose café, boasting some of the city’s freshest bread and pastries. These delectable treats are baked fresh daily by Head Pastry Chef, Waddah Bou Saad. With more than two decades working in a kitchen, Waddah has been creating unforgettable pastries every day since he first joined La Serre in 2013. La Serre features a traditional Parisian boulangerie on the ground floor, with a grand and elegant staircase leading up to the top floor bistro. The bistro features a chic design, marble cocktail bar, and gorgeous cream banisters — but the piece de resistance is the Chef’s Table, an incredible 12-seating room adjoining the kitchen; the Chef’s Table provides a view into the theatre of the kitchen, creating a unique dining experience for guests. The delicious breads and pastries cooked each morning combined with the Mediterranean lunch and dinner menu mean La Serre is humming with activity from sunrise to late evening. La Serre’s clean, white décor complements the light timbers and reclaimed light fittings and powerful natural lighting to combine the charm of Parisian street cafes with the high energy of Downtown Dubai. Decorated with artwork from the Aspiring Artists Initiative, La Serre is the ultimate café for breakfast, lunch or dinner. To explore La Serre’s menu, visit their website.

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