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THE MALE BOMB Posted on 13 February 2012.

Writer Natalie Allison

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the male bomb


Its mission- Create an imminent explosion It must astonish. It must detonate. Following in the legendary footsteps of a Flowerbomb a new masculine scent from Viktor & Rolf has been born. Spicebomb is the epitome of a powerful, bold and sensual fragrance. The codes of masculinity have been infused with dynamite and an explosive personality to create a fragrance that pushes attraction to its climax and ignites desire. The new male weapon of mass seduction comes in an ultra-masculine unique silver grey toned bottle with the iconic Viktor & Rolf gross-grain ribbon surrounding it. The fragrance is a real life scent grenade as to release the bomb you must prime the pin holding it in. Once released its a concoction of two almost opposing tones. The first a blend of incandescent tones of chili and saffron challenged with the second accord being an explosion of zesty tones of bergamot and grapefruit. The Spicebomb cocktail is guaranteed to be surprising at first breath, and addictive from the very next second.



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