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The Mandrake; a rare Mediterranean plant traditionally used as a narcotic. Embracing this concept in a hotel may seem risky, if not borderline disastrous, yet with five stars to its name, London’s Mandrake Hotel is indeed working it’s hallucinogenic magic. From the peculiar architecture, outlandish design, surreal art to an experimental cocktail list – the Mandrake has every intention of seducing one’s state of mind.  Located in funky Fitzrovia, the hotel places you at an intersection between Soho culture, Oxford Street shopping and West End nightlife. There is no need to go out in search of London, the cities rendezvous will find you. Any attempts made to describe the complex remain futile – it is a paradox with a pull intoxicating enough to keep you lusting for more.  So how do you describe the indescribable? You try. In the building’s past life it played headquarters for Graham Norton and many others in the media industry. Now the renovated complex has found itself a niche in the global hotel market – for the Gatsby’s and Daisy’s of society. 

On par with the Mandrake’s otherworldly theme; the hotel’s inner core is akin to Herodotus’s mythological Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Three-story-high inward facing walls are adorned by a Jasmine and passionfruit affair. The calming space is best suited for the busy business folk in search for a peaceful refuge from London City. Sitting here elicits an illusion of floating among cascading streams of lush exotic greenery. Sustaining this magnified terrarium is no easy feat, but the free-flowing oxygen created and calming atmosphere, makes it worthwhile. In true Mandrake fashion; facilities and amenities are off-kilter cultural celebrations, far from the hotel norm. Riddled with creativity, passion and expression – their Artist in Residence programme (AiR), invites notorious experts to come and perform live for all guests to witness. One notable visitor being American tattoo maestro, Mark Mahoney (whose clientele include Angelina Jolie, the Beckhams, Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto). There is also a contemporary theatre large enough to host film screenings, private parties, product launches and so on.  With 30 unique rooms, three decadent suites and an award-winning penthouse – the Mandrake is designed to woo. Impeccably designed spaces welcome you in, where a 100 per cent organic mattress and bedding comfort, whilst rainfall showers and Grown Alchemist (an Australian botanic-inspired brand) products cleanse.

For those wishing to re-enacted their Game of Thrones fantasy; The Mandrake Suite is the room of choice. Under a Bedouin-style canopy, a palate of chrome, black, royal purple and copper amalgamate perfectly. A freestanding marble bathtub with gold accents complete the abode.Upgrade to the Penthouse for a hedonistic venture. Rain or shine – this top floor apartment is flooded with natural light. Witness London nights emerged in a roomy jacuzzi under a retractable roof. State of the art technologies; two home cinema systems with iPad control and a flat screen TV, ensure all modern needs are met. This all-white Veronese booked marble abode, exudes sophistication and style floor to ceiling. At Waeska Bar, the hotels namesake is explored most. Drink enough of the bartender’s botanic elixirs and you’ll be whisked into the whimsical world created by founder Rami Fustok. When it comes to the Mandrake, all that could be said is that the swanky hotel holds in its possession a power of some ethereal force. A dash surreal, unique and a whole lot inventive – this avant garde abode certainly does not scream London. Instead, it seductively whispers it. Be apart of this quirky concept and book here. 

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