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AROMATIC HERITAGE Posted on 17 November 2015.

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Following the 2012 international success of Kiehl’s original Aromatic Blends range of fragrances and formulas, the 162-year old skincare company is proud to introduce an additional scent range to this collection. The new fragrance, Patchouli & Fresh Rose, gives patrons a robust floral fragrance selection that captures the creamy, woody scent of Patchouli and the fresh, petal-like aroma of Rose Centifolia. In keeping with Kiehl’s apothecary heritage, the Aromatic Blends products are formulated with inspiring fragrance blends, utilizing sustainable sourcing methods, natural ingredients, and the latest in science and technology. Each Aromatic Blends formula (fragrance, body wash and body lotion) consists of pure scents from around the world and are designed to take patrons on a wonderful journey to the source of Kiehl’s ingredients. Luxuriate in nature with Kiehl’s.



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