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AUSTRALIAN GOLD Posted on 09 June 2011.

Writer EK Wilson

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In the late 1940s Australian premium textiles importer, Lane Boyd, received a shipment of metal handbags frames from a supplier in Belgium. Serendipitously, included in the delivery was a small amount of woven wire mesh, and the enterprising Boyd proceeded to have his local craftsmen make up a sample of the handbag frames covered in the material. The early prototypes were such a success that Boyd segued his business from textiles to fashion accessories, covering everything from elegant evening bags, spectacle cases and brush, comb and mirror sets in the material. Calling the business Oroton (‘Oro’, from Latin for gold, and ‘Ton’, as in a tonne of gold), Boyd launched the brand in Sydney in 1951 and it immediately gained a loyal following among fashionable Australian ladies. Today Oroton remains Australia’s most high-end, locally-owned fashion brand. This November Oroton will open its flagship Singapore store at the Marina Bay Sands, followed by a new store at Ion Orchard in mid-December.


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