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Even the most complex tapestry is painstakingly woven from millions of distinct strands. When viewed up close, its surface is solely visible as a random collection of splashes, loops and whorls. Take a step back, though, and the pattern suddenly snaps into focus. This process – order arising from a collection of individual movements – perfectly describes the synchrony achievable by an intuitive shared workspace. To nourish the people working within it, such a place must offer more than a storehouse for minds. Instead, it must deftly weave each human strand into something greater. Enter NeueHouse, an exploratory workplace designed with human potential as its core principle. The fluid floorplan responds to residents’ changing needs, rather than arbitrary physical divisions. NeueHouse envisioned a workplace in which creative people nurtured colleagues’ fledgling ideas. Each NeueHouse is a testament to their shared view of creativity as an emergent property of dedicated people working synchronously. NeueHouse began near Manhattan’s Madison Square Park, nestled in the Flatiron Building’s shadow, and has since expanded to Los Angeles and recently Miami which is poised to open in 2022. Spanning these three global metropolises, NeueHouse nurtures collaboration between a diverse group of people attuned to each other’s goals. Whether in New York or Los Angeles, each of Neue House’s manifestations honours the founding core principles of reciprocal understanding and collective endeavour. Their stated aim – to ‘create a space where your employees want to come to’ – has been vividly realised in triplicate. In a culture anchored by complex human connections, collaboration is currency. Professionals gather daily at each NeueHouse to cross-pollinate thoughts and explore emerging niches. Congruent and opposing views simmer, converge, and react, with results as memorable as they are unforeseeable. A key facet of NeueHouse’s dynamism is a commitment to expanding the idea of a workspace. Yes, the desk still exists here, but it has been transformed into a collaborative tool. As connections solidify between individual workstations, robust intellectual exchanges strengthen participants’ ideas. Every NeueHouse member joins an imagined community whose surrounding environment has been sculpted to foster immersion in shared challenges. Participants engage, expand upon, and wrestle with others’ thoughts, propelled by the task of innovatively responding to each client’s brief. The roiling – and occasionally raucous – conversations each Neue House is renowned for are rooted in experience, as residents regularly experience their peers’ work in the flesh. An impressively equipped theatre at each NeueHouse, described by one occupant as possessing ‘the best ambience of any small screen’, displays professionals’ work to peers for constructive feedback. Underlying this hum of activity at each NeueHouse lies a determined commitment to what matters – an ethos shared by its residents. ‘The main benefit of being here is the clients,’ notes one professional, while another calls NeueHouse ‘the only place to be if you are serious about your business’. It’s a full-throated endorsement of NeueHouse’s commitment to bringing residents’ creative impulses to fruition. If you are interested in joining the community visit NeueHouse here. Written By Timothy Roberts.

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