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FLOWSTATE Posted on 10 November 2017.

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Interdisciplinary Australian firm Eness has designed JEM, an interactive space of contemplation and calm. Placed at the heart of Flowstate, a recently revitalised creative space at Brisbane’s South Bank, the installation responds to user interaction. The 32 LED-lined arms utilise a 360-degree laser tracking system, replying to movement through pulsating, multi-coloured lighting phrases and rhythmic sounds. Plush crochet beds invite guests to relax awhile, to embed themselves within the dynamic experience and to gaze at the sky above. ‘JEM is here to unify people through a shared experience,’ states Eness. ‘We’re excited to see how people rest, dream and play in this rare space’. visit Flowstate, The Arbour, Tribune Street, Brisbane, Australia or online here.

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