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KAREN WALKER Posted on 11 October 2014.

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This year KAREN WALKER EYEWEAR celebrates ten years of making faces. To mark this milestone one style from each year will be recreated to make up CELEBRATE — a limited edition, all-gold series. Metal frames are encased in clear epoxy resin, giving the illusion of a reflective solid gold finish. Lenses will have an amber base with reflective coating to give a gold mirror finish. All of the Karen Walker classics will be represented, from ANNIE, first released in 2005, up to more recent favourites such as NUMBER ONE and SUPER DUPER STRENGTH. KAREN WALKER CELEBRATE continues the brand’s audacious approach to eyewear design, with an undeniable, ever-present sense of optimism. Bigger, bolder, brighter, flatter, more optimistic, more cartoon-like — this was the idea behind the first ever KAREN WALKER EYEWEAR collection and still so today. From the beginning, KAREN WALKER EYEWEAR drew inspiration from the most unlikely sources: toys, villainous dictators, cult movies and extraordinary characters, to create one of the most sought-after cult eyewear brands in the world. The ideas for our images are just as important as our product. From day one, we wanted to react against the clichéd handsome / beautiful models looking sweaty on a boat / beach. Eyewear allows you to step into limitless personalities and that opens up infinite possibilities for creating engaging and playful images. Acting-out and make-believe has always been at the heart of our campaigns. Why wouldn’t you want to be a Sun God, a dictator at the podium,  vampire or a master of disguise? There’s no need to cast a model when a pair of sunglasses can anthropomorphise a broom or a balloon. Anything is possible. For KAREN WALKER CELEBRATE, the campaign shot in NYC by Derek Kettela, is all about the sugar rush —glitter, confetti, party horns, cake and chaos. Visit KAREN WALKER’s official website for more designs.

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