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Milan. The name itself evokes images of high fashion and timeless elegance. But for one week each year, the city transforms into something entirely different: a pulsating heart of design innovation. From April 16th to 21st, 2024, Milan Design Week explodes with creativity, showcasing the future of design while fostering a vibrant marketplace for ideas and partnerships. This year’s theme, “Materia Natura,” delves into the profound but often overlooked connection between the natural world and our built environment. Prepare to witness groundbreaking exhibits and installations that explore sustainable design solutions and a more conscious approach to living. Forget sterile walls and sterile presentations. Milan Design Week embraces the entire city as its canvas.


“Under the Surface” by Accurat, Design Group Italia and Emiliano Ponzi


Salone del Mobile, the prestigious design fair, serves as the event’s anchor. Here, leading global brands unveil the latest trends in furniture, lighting, and interior design. But the true magic of Milan Design Week unfolds beyond the confines of the exhibition halls. Venture into Fuorisalone, a sprawling network of independent exhibitions that spills out onto Milan’s streets. Explore hidden courtyards transformed into temporary art galleries, bustling design districts showcasing the works of rising stars, and trendy soirées where creative minds mingle under the Italian twilight. Dive into “Materia Natura”: Be at the forefront of a global movement emphasizing sustainability and harmony with nature. Witness how designers are incorporating these principles into innovative yet practical solutions for modern living. Explore Cutting-Edge Design: Witness visionary concepts from established designers and rising stars pushing the boundaries across furniture, lighting, architecture, and technology. Get a glimpse into the future of design and discover what will shape our homes and cities of tomorrow.


A who's who of design enthusiasts, thought leaders, and potential partners.


Network with the Who’s Who of Design: Milan Design Week attracts a who’s who of design enthusiasts, thought leaders, and potential partners. Forge valuable connections that can spark collaborations, propel your design career, or propel your business to new heights. Gain Invaluable Insights: Discover emerging trends and design philosophies that will shape the future of various industries. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your brand remains relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape. Align yourself with cutting-edge design and visionary thinking. Milan Design Week is a global stage to showcase your commitment to innovation and resonate with design-conscious consumers who value creativity and craftsmanship.

Be Inspired by David Lynch: Immerse yourself in a unique experience curated by the renowned filmmaker himself. His “Thinking Rooms” promise to evoke a sense of mystery and spark creative introspection, challenging your perception of design and its possibilities.


Interiors by David Lynch. A thinking Room - Lombardini22


Milan Design Week is more than just an event; it’s a catalyst for change. It’s a platform where the future of design is not just envisioned, but actively shaped. It’s a space where designers, industry leaders, and design enthusiasts come together to redefine the way we design, live, and interact with the world around us.

Are you ready to be a part of it? Secure your industry tickets here now and get ready to join a vibrant community of passionate designers, industry leaders, and creative minds. Witness the future of design unfold before your eyes and ignite your own design journey at Milan Design Week 2024.


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