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MONACO? NO, I SAID PORTO MONTENEGRO Posted on 17 November 2015.

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Montenegro is starting to wake up, or maybe the rest of the world is awakening to Montenegro. As the small, shy sibling on the Balkan peninsular, Montenegro remained in relative global obscurity until it gained independence in 2006. It turns out they have a good thing going in Montenegro, and slowly but surely tourists are descending upon this small idyllic country on the Adriatic Coast to find out why. First impressions include the towering, snow-kissed mountains, the translucent, shimmering waters and the dotted islands that remain completely uninhabited. Then you start to notice a surprising level of luxury and sophistication – from a plethora of boutiques sporting the latest in high-end fashion, to local outlets providing unique and native art, home wares and interior design services. Add to this a super marina and one could be mistaken for thinking you were talking about Monaco. However, Porto Montenegro is the luxury super marina currently being developed in Tivat, Montenegro. Porto Montenegro also boasts to being the first state-of-the-art deep water marina on the Adriatic Sea. Its exquisite position on a secluded part of the Bay of Kotor, together with its close proximity to Tivat Airport, makes it an ideal location for escapist forays to taste the high-flying lifestyle. Porto Montenegro nautical village hosts an array of complementary establishments to keep you busy including the Regent Hotel, a sports club and a 64-metre infinity pool. There are also the obligatory fashion boutiques, waterfront cafés, bars and restaurants. For the more robust, the area around Tivat houses a wealth of coves nearby with mostly untouched natural marine life for the lucky few to explore. To find out more about Montenegro’s thriving nautical culture and luxurious perks of a super marina and harbor-side town visit the website.









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