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POLO IN THE CITY Posted on 14 December 2017.

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The rarefied world of polo, bound by centuries of well-defined traditions and idealized by a rather famous fashion label, can feel as insular as it does elegant. But when our Editor in Chief takes the field, he learns that even newcomers to the sport can get into the swing of things. On the vast pampas that spread like gold-green oceans across the quadrant of Sydney’s Centennial Park, polo permeates the culture. When you get here, you immediately understand why: Besides the uniform topography and the relative wealth of the sport, there are long-standing twin traditions of horse-keeping and horsemanship. Land Rover Polo in the City is part of the Urban Polo circuit, which is the largest national polo series in the world. Established in 2005, the award winning ‘Polo in the City’ series has cemented its position as Australian market leader within the premium, luxury and performance niche, in areas of hospitality as well as brand promotion. Your next polo experience starts here.


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