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Though renting a car while travelling may be a practical necessity, the choice of vehicle need not be a merely utilitarian one. The growing availability of exotic cars in the luxury rental market now means that your transport can not only facilitate your trip, but truly elevate it as well, with power, style and sophistication. 

California-based Black and White Car Rental is a leader in the exotic car rental market, offering ultra-premium options from that range from sleek and powerful to opulent and refined from their offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Black and White’s Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 convertible, for example, packs 580 horsepower into a roaring 5.2-litre V10 engine made for picture-perfect top-down cruising along Pacific Coast Highway. With its elegant, swooping silhouette and opulent white-on-red leather Alcantara interior, however, it’s sure to turn heads even just parked at the valet stand.

For sheer grandeur, of course, the Rolls Royce marque is second to none, and for those seeking the company’s signature blend of luxury and refinement, Black and White offers the Rolls Royce Dawn, a four-door, four-seat convertible that bridges the gap between formal and sport stylings. Its 6.6-litre V12 twin-turbo engine offers seemingly limitless power, while the Dawn’s taut, smooth lines and lush leather interior (combined of course with satellite navigation, Sirius XM radio and a premium sound system) exude a refined, luxurious modernity.             

Exotic car rentals, however, are not simply for journeys confined to the beaten path. The Lamborghini Urus Super Sport Utility Vehicle, offered by Black and White in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, is powered by a 650-horsepower 4.0L Bi-Turbo V8 engine, combining the performance of a sports car with the rugged, go-anywhere functionality of an SUV. With a muscular silhouette, buttery cream-leather interior and driver-tunable suspension capable of adapting at a button press to a wide variety of road conditions, the Urus is the perfect rental for trips taking in not only the neon streets of West LA, but the rugged landscapes of California’s National Parks as well.

These burgeoning possibilities in exotic car rental, in short, have changed the game, redefining what luxury rental transport means – whether for those seeking to celebrate a special occasion, or for those simply looking to embrace excellence in the everyday. 

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