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THE HOLY GRAIL OF DERMA HEALTH Posted on 24 July 2019.

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When Dr Joseph Hkeik entered the cosmetic scene, the southern stars guided him to success. Flash-forward ten years, a strong clientele list are following that same star in search of his exquisite expertise. Joseph is one of very few people propelling Australia on the global beauty scene – making waves in elite circles and media outlets. Harper’s Bazaar featured the dapper doctor in their 2018 March issue, as part of the ‘A-List Beautiful People’. Behind this public recognition and notourity, Joseph delivers lasting results with authenticity and artistry. Stating in his Harper’s feature, “Perfection lacks character,” the doctors practice is not to fix, but rather revive. “You’re recreating the past…it’s not just administering an injection and waiting for something to happen,” he continues. Joseph achieves a classic aesthetic that refuses to waver or go out of fashion. From individually crafted diet plans, clinical facials, skin treatments, light/laser therapy, to lifts and structural solutions, All Saints assists their patients into becoming the perfect version of themselves. Joseph’s passion for beauty reverberates in his three Sydney clinics, Double Bay being the most recent addition which is a fusion of 1920’s Art Deco meets 21st century minimalism. Collaborating with Blainey North (the interior mastermind behind James Packer’s and Nicole Kidman’s stylish homes) the two storey terrace channels elegance all over. Natural light filters through semi-sheer drapery, adding life to the sleek interiors. Holland & Sherry wool, felt and silk walls reflect the ipseity of skin, “I wanted every surface to be textural, like the skin we treat,” Joseph explains. Gold is peppered throughout the clinic. A bouquet of orchids sit on top of a gold-rimmed, marble coffee table. A screen of gold threads cascade behind the reception desk, centering the bottom level all the while acting as a timeless artwork in itself. The space adds a personal touch with the doctor’s own sculptures, black and white photographs and books on display. Dr Joseph’s All Saints Clinic in both practice and ambience epitomises timeless beauty. Enquires can be made online by clicking the link at the end of this sentence.

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