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When two global phenomenons merged in 2011, the music and hotel industries respectively, a fuse lit that still refuses to dimmer six years on. Ushuaia Beach Hotel is as the name suggests, part hotel and part open air club. Renowned for being the epicentre of deep house hits with heat thumping bass and summer groove. Located in Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza, Ushuaia is the jewel in the multinational Palladium familia crown – one that receives the most attention for its charming allure and gleam. With Martin Garrix, Tchami, Louis the Child and a list of many more underground artists having played this summer, Ushuaïa once again proves itself to be a brand of ever-increasing reach and success. Marketing Director of Palladium Hotel Group, Iñaky Bau, talks to Poster’s Editor in Chief, Nicholas Meimaris, about his personal connection with Ushuaia, logistics of running an in-demand business, what the future holds and everything in between. 

Editor: From what I can see there is no other destination brand like this in Ibiza or even in the world, I would imagine you would have to ensure the brand is constantly evolving because you need to stay ahead. Can you expand on this? Iñaky Bau: Since the very beginning we’ve been focusing on the experience which is a priority for us. But we need to evolve every summer in terms of music of course, the kind of artists who were playing in the 2011 have to be totally different to the artists we have now. We had Avicii and Calvin Harris. Music is very progressive, and every year there is a different style. For example Kygo was the biggest star last year, three-four years ago it was Avicii and now it is Martin Garrix.

Editor: Tell me for you, where does the priorities sit when running the business. With the “night club” element or the hotel side. It seems like the “nightclub is the hero”. Where do you place more focus? Iñaky Bau: The starting point was to tell the world that this is not a hotel and this is not a club…. that is why we call it the Ushuaia experience. We want people to come here and enjoy one of our restaurants..we have five themed ones with totally different cuisines and philosophy of making food, the two pools, the beach club, the music that is different one day to another… the show, the performances…it changes. But everything is under the same quality of experience. 

Editor: So tell me more about your vision now, is Ushuaia moving forward? Iñaky Bau: We had big plans in the past to expand the brand but at the moment we are reconsidering it. What we do here is very special, there are not many places in the world where you can do this. We had a project about two years ago to do a Ushuaia in Cancun, Mexico, but it is tough. You need to protect your brand, if you go to Cancun and things go wrong than it’s going to damage it. We’ve been considering Vegas and there is an option to open one in Dubai and one in Tel Aviv. We don’t know what is going to happen at the moment we are happy with what we’re doing here. We know that we want to expand but we don’t yet know what the formula is going to be. 

Editor: Part of the idea and the excitement of coming to Ushuaia is that it is only available in Ibiza. Iñaky Bau: Definitely, and it works because it is Ibiza. It is the centre of the universe. There are ten brands that we are managing at the moment. Ushuaia is the brand that has more exposure of the company. It is very well known worldwide and everyone wants to come here, but the big business of the company is actually happening in the Caribbean where we have 15 different hotels in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Editor: You were saying that the largest importance was having the largest artists of that year, do you find it difficult to book them? Iñaky Bau: Before Ushuaia, I was in the music business for 15 years, which is one of the reasons they hired me. This is Ibiza, so this is a window into the world for them…they know when they come to Ushuaia they’ll reach big success over the summer, and have more offers to tour in the winter.  Every time we interview them they say this is the most fabulous place in the world, everyone is happy. It works…even if you’re not into mainstream music, the show, the energy, it’s like wow. 

Editor: Lastly, why the Ushuaia? Iñaky Bau: Ushuaia is our brand name because when the beach club opened to the public for the first time it was the last beach club at the end of the beach. And Ushuaia is the last town at the end of the world.

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