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BERLIN LUXURY Posted on 09 October 2012.

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Despite being 13 years old, an eon for a designer hotel, The Mandala in Germany’s very own Berlin does not betray its age. Large spacious rooms that invite guests to stay longer, an interior design concept that is both modern and aimed for longevity, and carefully chosen timeless design pieces keep the hotel ever-fresh in Berlin’s fast-paced Potsdamer Platz area. With a plethora of offerings enough to daunt the most seasoned traveller, get a private introduction to the city by Mandala’s managing partners Lutz Hesse and Christian Andresen instead. Begin this journey on the 24th and 25th floors of the famous Kollhof-Tower, and go on to delight your senses with a spa ritual at ONO Spa and a five course dinner at the Michelin-starred FACIL restaurant, amongst other things. We know we’d certainly love to spend our next Berlin holiday waking up at this hotel. If you’re thinking the same, you can find out more about availability and prices by visiting our friends at Design Hotels. If you want to keep browsing inspiration for your next holiday, find more amazing hotels in POSTER’s luxury travel section.


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